Expand Your Health, Happiness and Consciousness

Sound Healing Collection

Elevate your consciousness, deeply relax the body and mind and let go of your deepest fears and anxieties with our suite of sound healings. Combining cutting-edge harmonnic soundwave technology with lush, organic overtones, these ambient sound healing tracks and guided meditations make improving your life as effortless as possible.

Superfoods & Medicinal Herbs Collection

Reach peak states of physical, mental and spiritual health with these powerful ancient herbal medicines. Our superfoods and medicinal herbs are a collection of the worlds most remarkable plants that do everything from reversing aging to supercharging your brain to boosting mood, energy and libido to expanding intuition, consciousness and much more.

Magazines & Books Collection

You are what you read and there are few better things to read than Conscious Lifestyle Magazine. We bring together the world’s leading experts on holistic health and wellness, expanding consciousness, deep healing, creating abundance, prosperity and flow, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, yoga, sustainability and more to offer their deepest wisdom for creating a deeply fulfilling, extraordinary life.

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