About Us

You deserve the best this planet has to offer.

But it can often be hard to know where to look to find the very best consciousness raising and health boosting products available. That’s why we’ve done the work for you and curated the most incredible herbs, foods, tonics, tools, programs, healers and teachers from around the world to help you reach peak states of health, happiness and consciousness into one place so you don’t have to spend years discovering them on your own like we did.

At the Conscious Lifestyle Marketplace you can expect to find the purest, most potent, most deeply healing and rejuvenating products available anywhere. We constantly scour the rapidly evolving mind, body, spirit and holistic health communities for innovative goods that meet our strict quality standards.

You can count on all products in our store meeting the following stringent quality guidelines:

» Organic, Wildcrafted, Wildharvested and Biodynamic whenever possible
» All products must be 100% natural and meet all the following standards:
» No harmful chemicals or known toxins in product/source materials
» No environmentally destructive practices used to produce product including the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, etc. allowed
» No GMO’s in product or source material allowed
» No slave, child or exploitative labor used to produce product allowed
» Fair trade or fair exchange labor practices are highly encouraged

When you shop with us, you are voting with your dollar to support a bright future where we can live in harmony with the planet and each other and the companies and artisans that make that possible.

Who Runs The Show

The Conscious Lifestyle Marketplace is created by the friendly people at Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, one of the world’s leading print + digital publications in the mind, body, spirit, health and consciousness space. We are deeply passionate about bringing the finest conscious content and products to the world in an artful and accessible way.

Justin Faerman

Co-Founder / Co-Editor / Visual Design / Art /
Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Justin is a visionary change-agent, international speaker, serial entrepreneur and consciousness researcher dedicated to evolving global consciousness, bridging science and spirituality and spreading enlightened ideas on both an individual and societal level. He is the co-founder of Conscious Lifestyle Magazine and the Flow Consciousness Institute and a sought after teacher, known for his pioneering work in the area of flow and the mechanics of consciousness. His current work is largely focused on creating practical, consciousness-based technologies for unlocking human potential that integrate the best of both scientific and spiritual insights into the nature of reality and human consciousness with the end goal of helping people to create socially impactful, deeply fulfilling and prosperous lives and businesses.

Meghan McDonald

Co-Founder / Co-Editor / Details & Copy / Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Meghan is an award-winning human behavior and psychology researcher with a passion for personal growth and development. Her studies have taken her around the world and back and largely shaped her outlook on life which is filled with compassion, love, possibility and copious amounts of organic, raw chocolate. An inspiration junky through and through, her heart-based approach to life keeps the magazine in the sweet spot between profound and playful.

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