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Pine Pollen Health Benefits*
• Supercharges your brain, body, sexuality and longevity
• Rich in essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,
amino acids, enzymes, hormone precursors and more
• Increases strength, stamina, energy and endurance
• Restores and balances hormone levels in men and women
• Has longevity and anti-aging properties
• Enhances sexual vitality, libido, pleasure and performance
• Increases cognitive functioning and brain health
• Increases metabolism and weight loss
• 30 Day money back guarantee

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Reverse Signs of Aging and Supercharge Your Brain and Body With Pine Pollen—Superfood From the Trees

Unlock Peak Physical and Mental Health With Pine Pollen: Nature’s Most Potent Superfood

When one of the most spiritually aware and medically advanced ancient cultures on the planet reveres an herb for thousands of years, there’s usually good reason to believe there is something special about it.

Such is the case with Pine Pollen, an extremely potent, healing, and nutrient-dense superfood that is proverbially off the radar compared to much less fantastic yet far more popular herbs and plant medicines.

With over 250 bioactive nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, hormones and more in high concentrations, Pine Pollen is quickly becoming one of the most important and sought after superfoods on the planet.

The Master Cellular Rejuvenator and Adaptogen: Supercharge Your Brain, Body, Sexuality and Longevity

Due to its incredible nutrient density and being one of the few substances on earth that has the ability to stimulate hormone production in the human body, Pine Pollen has been a treasured herb throughout Asia for the last 3,000 years.

In recent years it has become wildly popular with everyone from those looking to gain a performance edge to people with aging-related health challenges to those simply seeking the highest levels of health, wellness and longevity possible.

Deeply Nourishing, Rejuvenative and Regenerative at the Cellular Level: Over 250 Health-Boosting Bioactive Nutrients

Pine pollen is literally one of the most nutrient-dense substances on the planet containing a wide spectrum of hard-to-get, rare nutrients in a highly absorbable whole food form that are extremely important for overall health and wellness.

Essential Vitamins

High essential daily intake needed from food sources for optimal health and wellness on every level of the brain and body

Pine Pollen contains Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Inositol, choline, serine and more.

Essential Minerals

High essential daily intake needed from food sources for optimal health and wellness on every level of the brain and body

Pine Pollen contains Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Copper, Potassium, Phosphorous, Manganese, Molybdenum, Silica, MSM and more.

Amino Acids

Build muscle, increase neurotransmitter levels, promote positive mood and supply energy

Pine Pollen contains all 9 essential amino acids plus arginine, cysteine, glutamine, glycine, proline, and tyrosine and more and is nearly 30% protein by weight—more than chicken, fish and beef.

Antioxidants & Enzymes

Protect the brain and body at the cellular level from the effects of aging, toxins, stress and more

Pine Pollen contains many flavonoids, many polyphenols, glutathione, resveratrol, increases superoxide dismutase activity and more.


Proper hormone levels support healthy mood, energy levels, sexual vitality, sleep patterns, overall health and prevent many diseases.

Pine Pollen contains DHEA, testosterone, epitestosterone, androstenedione, sterols (essentially plant hormones), androsterone and more.

Poly & Mono saccharides

Have a number of beneficial effects but mostly work to boost the immune system and increase brain function and energy levels

Pine Pollen contains arabinogalactan, xyloglacturonan, D-galactose, D-xylos, D-rhamnose, D-galacturonic acid and more.

The Health Benefits of Pine Pollen*

In addition to its incredible nutrient profile, pine pollen also has an impressive array of medicinal health benefits ranging from increased energy and strength to deep rejuvenation of the mind, body, spirit and more.

Potent Aphrodisiac:
Enhances Sexual Vitality, Libido, Pleasure and Performance

Pine Pollen has a long history of use as a sexual tonic for both men and women—it’s been used for millennia to increase libido, improve erectile dysfunction, increase pleasure, sensation and more. It also supplies Jing energy, which in Chinese Medicine philosophy translates to ‘Vital essence’ or ‘Primal life-force’ which helps to rebuild and rejuvenate sexual function at the deepest levels, especially in those who overindulge or feel burnt out in general.

Unlike other herbs and supplements that enhance sex drive and libido, Pine Pollen does it organically by nourishing the body with specific nutrients and hormones that rejuvenate and restore instead of deplete things further.

Increases Strength, Stamina, Energy
and Endurance

Virtually everyone who takes Pine Pollen notices an almost immediate increase in energy levels, both in the moment and throughout the day. The plant literally contains hundreds of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and hormones that have been shown to increase energy levels and promote strength, endurance and stamina as the body rebuild and rejuvenates itself over time.

However, the kind of energy Pine Pollen gives is different than coffee or tea—it’s not stimulating so much as it promotes deep organic stamina and vitality with a noticeable increase in optimism, alertness, focus, concentration and endurance. For this reason, Pine Pollen has long been a favorite of athlete’s and high performers, although it works equally well for those simply looking for a powerful boost without the crash.

Restores and Balances Hormone Levels in Men
and Women

Pine Pollen is one of the only herbs on the planet that actually contains the raw materials our bodies use to produce hormones. Specifically, it is rich in DHEA (and a number of other androgenic hormones), which is the master hormone our body uses to synthesize both testosterone, estrogen and many other important hormones.

However, the interesting thing about Pine Pollen is that it is an “intelligent” plant—meaning that it doesn’t simply increase testosterone and estrogen levels. It actually works to restore and balance hormone levels for both men and women and contains many unique compounds that work to balance hormone levels indirectly as well.

In men who are low in testosterone, it has been shown to increase testosterone levels without causing a corresponding increase in estrogen and vice versa for women—that is, to increase estrogen levels without imbalancing testosterone levels, which is important in small quantities for women as well.

Has Longevity and
Anti-Aging Properties

Pine pollen is rich in anti-aging nutrients like DHEA, Glutathione, Resveratrol and DNA and RNA fragments and stimulates the body’s internal anti-aging enzyme Superoxide Dismutase, which has powerful antioxidant and cellular protective effects, all of which have been linked to increased longevity, health and overall physical and mental wellness.

Regenerates and
Detoxifies the Liver

Pine Pollen contains a number of nutrients that cause the liver to not only regenerate itself, but to help it improve its overall functioning, increase bile production, which is important for proper digestion and detoxification, and remove harmful chemicals and toxins from the body.

Pine Pollen is also rich in glutathione, which is one of the bodies key liver protective antioxidants and is important for detoxification and general immune system protection and regulation, among many other things.

Rich in DHEA and Testosterone: Helps Increase Low Hormone Levels

Many consider Pine Pollen to be nature’s most powerful androgen—that is a substance that supports male hormonal health and production. The raw pollen contains DHEA, Testosterone, epitestoserone, androsterone and more, all of which work together to give Pine Pollen powerful hormone boosting properties, especially for men. It can successfully raise low testosterone levels when taken at high enough dosages.

However, the plant is also an important hormone booster and regulator for women as well. Despite its abundance of androgens, the plant is “intelligent” or adaptogenic meaning that it gives your body more of what it needs. For women, Pine Pollen tends to have more of a balancing effect, raising or lowering both estrogen and testosterone depending on what is needed and even working to balance the ratio between the two positively, which is extremely important for overall health.

Rejuvenates the
Skin and Hair

Pine Pollen’s reputation as a youthening tonic is well-deserved—in addition to its longevity promoting nutrients outlined above, it also contains MSM, which is one of the main building blocks of healthy hair and also important in collagen protection and building new, healthy skin cells.

Throughout China and other parts of Asia, Pine Pollen is regularly consumed to relieve symptoms of acne, psoriasis, eczema, diminish wrinkles and improve overall skin tone and elasticity. Pine Pollen’s unique blend of nutrients and hormonal compounds, works to rebuild and strengthen the underlying skin matrix and to restore a youthful glow.

A Few Other Important Benefits of Pine Pollen*

It truly is one of mother nature’s most miraculous superfoods. Here are some more of the unique ways it improves functioning of the brain and body:


Strengthens the Immune System

Pine Pollen is rich in immune boosting compounds and nutrients that work synergistically to help the body stay healthy and prevent common illnesses.


Increases Metabolism & Weight Loss

Pine Pollen contains a number of known fat-burning and metabolism boosting compounds that help the body to maintain a healthy weight.


Reduces Inflammation

Many of the nutrients in Pine Pollen have powerful inflammation and pain reducing effects.

cellular detox

Increases Cellular Detoxification of Heavy Metals Chemicals

Pine Pollen contains a number of compounds that help the liver and body to detoxify harmful chemicals, xenoestrogens, heavy metals and other pollutants and toxins.


Increases Cognitive Functioning and Brain Health

Pine pollen contains a wide range of brain, mood and memory boosting nutrients that work synergistically to improve overall cognitive health and brain function.


Helps the Body Handle Stress Effectively

Pine Pollen works to reduce and relieve stress by reducing inflammation, supplying the brain with mood-boosting amino acids and systemically by giving your body the essential nutrients it needs to stay relaxed and healthy.

Our Products Work.
And We’re Willing to Back Them Up.

We want you to be happy with your decision to try Sun Potion Ashwagandha so take a little while to try it out and see how good it feels knowing we’ve got your back…

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our superfoods and herbs are meticulously researched, crafted with care and are powerful, health-boosting foods that have stood the test of time. But in the rare case your not happy with your purchase, know that we’ve got your back.

Ready to Give Your Health a Boost?
Try Pine Pollen Today.

Packaged in a resealable, environmentally friendly Miron glass jar for ease of use and maximum freshness.

Sun Potion Wild-Harvested
Pine Pollen Powder


100% Pure | Vegan | Raw

The Sun Potion
Difference: Highest
Quality and Potency

Sun Potion offers an ultra-high-quality, deliciously rich and flavorful, high-potency Pine Pollen powder from the “Di Tao” (authentic source) region in Yunnan Province, China, where its traditional use began. Sun Potion Pine Pollen is sustainably wild-harvested from Mason Pines at high-altitudes for maximum freshness and purity.


Cracked Cell-Wall: Higher Absorption & Bioavailability

It then undergoes a gentle process to crack the rigid cell walls of the pollen, which increase nutrient bioavailability and absorption by 20% on average, allowing the body to utilize even more of the plant’s incredible spectrum of nutrients.

Miron Glass Jars For Freshness and Strength

Sun Potion’s Pine Pollen is highly medicinal and nutrient dense and comes packaged in beautiful deep-violet Miron glass jars which are designed to preserve the energetic integrity and potency of the herbs. Long a favorite of Alchemists and master herbalists, Miron glass is widely regarded as the best possible packaging for maintaining the freshness, quality and strength of herbal medicines.

Beyond Organic—Sun Potion Pine Pollen is Sustainably Wildharvested in it’s Native Habitat

Wildharvesting is a method of harvesting that can be referred to as ‘beyond organic’—meaning that the plant grows wild in its natural habitat and is then sustainably harvested at its peak. This develops a superior medicinal profile as the soils in which wild plants grow are abundant in minerals and co-factors that are often lacking even in organic growing operations. Wildarvested herbs have the highest energetic frequency of any growing method and the smallest environmental footprint.

Ready to Give Your Health a Boost?
Try Pine Pollen Today.

Packaged in a resealable, environmentally friendly Miron glass jar for ease of use and maximum freshness.

Sun Potion Wild-Harvested
Pine Pollen Powder


100% Pure | Vegan | Raw

Supplement Facts & Serving Suggestions

Wildharvested, Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen Powder

Serving Size:
1 teaspoon (33 servings)

Net Weight:


How to Use:

Mix 1 gram or more in water, tea, smoothies or soups. For best results, mix pine pollen with your saliva and hold it under your tongue (it has a mild, neutral taste!) for 1-2 min for maximum nutrient absorption directly into your blood stream.

* All of the statements on this page have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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